About the NeuroChangeSolutions Training Program

Habits are learned behavior. These unconscious patterns of thoughts, actions and feelings are the byproducts of repetition. Habits can be a great thing. However, a problem arises when these behaviors interfere with an individual or an organization's potential. Advances in the field of neurology have led to a better understanding of how the repetition of thoughts, actions and emotions hardwires our brains against change no matter how much we may want it.

Every year organizations invest billions in new technology and training that fails to produce the desired results. Why? The most common reason is a misunderstanding of how to produce change. Change requires that we alter neuro-pathways in our brain. Our brain's neuroplastic nature allows us to learn new and smarter ways to think, act, feel, and be.

NY Times bestselling author Dr. Joe Dispenza is a renowned researcher and lecturer in the fields of neuroscience and epigenetics. Dr. Joe has worked closely with master trainers and curriculum designers to create a program that integrates his teachings with the needs of organizations and businesses. Dr. Joe has also personally worked with each of NCS' trainers to ensure each is well-versed in the course content. NeuroChangeSolutions's Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself program brings Dr. Dispenza's work and teachings to your organization using engaging lectures, multimedia tools, and interactive exercises delivered by certified trainers. Each trainer works directly with the client to design the best individualized option for this innovative and timely program.

Change requires new thinking - a new mind set. Albert Einstein said it best: "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." The first step to any change is obtaining new information.

New information allows individuals to think differently. When we think in new and different ways, we see choices which may not have been considered or realized before. With each new choice comes the opportunity to act or behave differently. When we act in new ways, we open ourselves up to new experiences. The end product of any experience is an emotion. To produce lasting change we must engage the emotions and feelings that until now have shaped our lives.

The program is designed to engage and involve the participants through various teaching modalities:
• Individual and group activities
• Videos
• Direct application for all key learning
• Skills practice

Each participant receives:
• Copy of the Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself book
• A full color participant guide to be used during the course
• A full color 30 Days to Genius Journal to be used immediately following the course
• Two CDs: Mental Rehearsals and audio of the neuroscience videos used in the course

Participants in this program will:
1. Identify a change they want to make in their lives
2. Learn a new model of change based on neuroscience
3. Discover what it means to "live in survival or creation"
4. Become acquainted with the "three brains" and their role in the process of change
5. Incorporate all of the lessons to activate the neurological process for change
6. Apply each principle to a personal change
7. Practice three tools for change

This course teaches individuals how to harness the incredible power of their brains to make significant changes in their life.

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